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April 23, 2018
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The Fraternal Order of Police Legal Plan, Inc. is a self-funded legal defense plan. The plan is unlimited in coverage and is the most comprehensive legal defense plan offered within law enforcement organizations. The plan provides legal defense for member officers in civil, criminal, and administrative actions against an officer arising from performance of duty regardless if the actions were conducted on or off duty.

 The benefit of having legal coverage off duty is to ensure coverage when working non city paid overtime or working as a courtesy officer.  The legal plan covers all incidents when you are acting in the scope as a law enforcement officer. 

 One of the main benefits of the FOP Legal Plan compared to a competitor is there is no one to call to seek permission or ask if you will be covered.  If you are involved in an incident arising from your actions as a law enforcement officer, YOU ARE COVERED!

 The McKinney FOP Lodge has a comprehensive list of attorneys to select from.  Attorneys who specialize in duty related shootings to fair labor disputes. 

 The process in which to obtain an attorney is to contact one directly or request a Lodge Official to contact one for you.

The FOP Legal Plan is completely optional.  If you choose to remain with the TMPA you may do so.  You will only be required to pay the local lodge dues.


 The Fraternal Order of Police Texas State Lodge has been serving Law Enforcement Officers in Texas for over 24 years.  The FOP State Lodge is run by active and retired officers and attorneys from around the state.  The goal of the FOP State Lodge is to strive for betterment of the law enforcement profession for the individual officer and the collective membership. By improving working conditions, wages, and benefits, and by monitoring and proposing effective legislation, the FOP provides a service and benefit to the law enforcement profession and the public to which it serves.

 The Labor Services Division provides a comprehensive set of resources and services designed to ensure that no officer goes to the bargaining table alone. In addition, we provide assistance to your lodge to obtain the right to become your bargaining agent or to try to influence the public officials who determine your hours, wages, terms and other conditions of employment.

Whether your department requires contract information, experienced legal experts, training seminars or personalized labor research, the Labor Services Division stands ready to provide you with the people and resources you need.


The Labor Services Division is staffed by full-time professionals who provide highly skilled support services on behalf of the Grand Lodge to state and local lodges in the area of labor relations. Our staff includes experienced veterans in the field of Law Enforcement employment relations. These representatives are available to travel extensively throughout the country to assist member lodges. In addition, the Labor Services staff is available to answer members' questions and to provide information and/or advice. The Labor Services Division is the hub for FOP labor information.

We are frequently asked "What labor services are available to assist our members?" -A sample of our labor services include:

-Dispelling the myth that right to work states cannot bargain.

-Helping form bargaining organizations that can provide the expertise needed to bargain effectively.

-Training leaders to represent members in disciplinary matters.

-Working with lodges to determine how they can better represent the interests of their members outside the framework of a formal collective bargaining agreement.

-Providing expert advice and guidance during the negotiation process.

-Providing expert advice and guidance during the contract administration process.

-Providing expert advice and guidance in campaigns to obtain bargaining representation.

-Assisting lodges to gain the right to bargain


$7,500 Accidental Death benefit is 24 hour coverage - business or pleasure. This benefit pays when a member dies from a sudden, unforeseen, and unexpected event including exposure or disappearance.
$7,500 Line of Duty benefit is defined as a “covered activity” and will pay in addition to the Accidental Death benefit when a member is killed while performing law enforcement duties
$7,500 Felonious Assault benefit is paid in addition to the Accidental Death and Line of Duty Benefits when a member’s loss of life results from use of force equivalent to a felony under the jurisdiction in which the accident occurred.
Expanded Benefits are paid when a member is involved in an accident that directly results in one of the
following losses:
Loss of sight, both eyes $ 7,500
Loss of sight, one eye $ 3,750
Loss Thumb and Index Finger $1,875
Quadriplegia $ 7,500
Paraplegia $ 5,625
Hemiplegia $ 3,750
Reattachment of Hand or Foot $ 3,750
Loss of Speech $ 3,750
Loss of hands or feet $ 7,500
Loss of hand or foot of Same Hand $ 3,750
Loss of Hearing (both ears) $ 3,750
Uniplegia $ 1,875
Seat Belt benefit pays in addition to other applicable benefits if a member is killed as a result of an automobile accident while properly utilizing a seat belt, as evidenced by a police report
Occupant Protection Device benefit pays in addition to other applicable benefits if a member is killed as a result of an automobile accident while protected by a properly deployed air bag. This benefit is only paid if the Seat Belt benefits is payable.

Heart and Circulatory Malfunction benefit pays in addition to other applicable benefits if a member under the age of 65 suffers a covered loss of life due to a heart of circulatory malfunction within 48 hours after participation in an emergency activity. The member must not have been diagnosed or received any treatment for any heart of circulatory system disease or illness within two years prior to the covered activity.
Common Carrier benefit is paid in addition to the Accidental Death Benefit if a member is killed while riding on a qualifying land, air, or water transportation.

Duty Related Benefit Examples:
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Accidental Death/ Line of Duty Death: $7,500 Accidental Death
                                                                   $,7,500 Line of Duty Death
                                                                    $15,00 Total Benefit
Line of Duty/Felonious Assult:               $7,500 Accidental Death
                                                                    $7,500 Line of Duty
                                                                    $7,500 Felonious Assault
                                                                    $22,500 Total Benefit
• Line of Duty/Vehicular Death:             $7,500 Accidental Death
                                                                  $7,500 Line of Duty
                                                                  $7,500 Seat Belt
                                                                  $7,500 Occupant Protection
                                                                  $30,000 Total Benefit
Non-Duty Related Benefit Examples:
Accidental Death:                               $7,500 Accidental Death
Vehicular Accident :                           $7,500 Accidental Death
                                                              $7,500 Seat Belt
                                                              $7,500 Occupant Protection
                                                              $22,500 Total Benefit



§   Applicants must be children or grandchildren of members of the Fraternal Order of Police Texas

§   For the purpose of undergraduate study at accredited colleges, universities and training institutes

§   Applicants must be unmarried and under the age of 25 to receive the grant

§   Must not have been convicted of a criminal act

§   Grants to the designated institution may be used for room and board, tuition, library fees, textbooks and related instructional materials

§   5 (five) new awards will be given annually

 Scholarship Criteria:

· $1000.00 – Five (5) scholarship awards for applicants of members. Students must reapply each year through the scholarship fund for awarding of the grants

· Awards will be sent to the Institution where selected applicants have been accepted and attending by August 5th of each year

 Deadline for Submission:  May 31st

 Application Requirements:

· Minimum of two (2) letters from High School Teachers/Counselors, on letterhead with original signatures. If the applicant has already completed a college semester or is reapplying for a grant, letters of recommendation will be from Professors, Academic Advisors or Department Heads.

· Personal recommendation from an adult who is not a relative, with original signature.

·Autobiography to include career goals and plans. (optional if reapplying and has not changed)

·Certified High School and/or College transcripts showing a GPA of 3.0 or higher

·SAT or ACT scores (not needed if applicant has completed one year of college)

·Awards and Honors

·Extracurricular activities

·Work History

 Selection Process:

·All scholarships will be awarded by the Scholarship Committee.

·Applications of awarded recipients will be kept on file at the State FOP Office.

·Awards are not limited by race, color, creed, national origin or sex

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